Monday, May 28, 2012


Things change every once in awhile. And when it happens, they come suddenly. Bad things come the most sudden of all. Yeah, so they say to smile and face it. But what's next after smiling at it? Funny how those movies show how one just smiles when he's in a serious condition but they don't show what every night of that person is like, or maybe what's in his mind all the time. We only see what happens in the end or how it seems like outside. But again, if they could tell what to do, this wouldn't be a nightmare anymore.
I promised to never get you mad again. But then again, I failed. And you were the one who apologized, instead of me. For something you are uncontrollable of? What a bummer. If only you really mean and are what you say you want to or should be, none of these days would be as painful as it is. But what's this pain you say always? Could it be scientifically related or is it a pain that comes from within the heart. If only we could see what the problem is, someday. But no, the longer we take the more it eats us up.
Say i wouldn't tell, but i just thought it didn't really matter as everything seems fine. And i meant it. We just need the right kind of push. That's all.
And I really wanna tell you about it. Just couldn't find the right moment, as how i always say it to be. But when will i ever do it?
I know I shouldn't keep it inside, as I don't always do too. And I know it shouldn't be thought much of. But, sometimes, somehow, the things around you just makes you think about it. It's like they come in clumps while doing something normal, but somehow on this kinda night, it just affects you to think. A beautiful song it is and that darn whore on youtube along with that racist blob. Your happy news which i do the same at times like this and your apologies. It just paints a perfect background for u, for you to think. Bummer...


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Even if the skies get rough... I won't give up

It seems, something close to you is sometimes, real far away from you.
Never knew what it was, until if fate brought you together.
But it's still up to you on what you're going to do about it.
Maybe we were supposed to know about it this way,
but what matters is not how it was told to you,
it's how you do it as to how you think of it.
But what is the right way?
Or does it even matter?
Maybe things were meant to be.
But you had to know.
And you do know that you're the right one to be told of.
Oh well... =) For now, I wish you all the best with it. There's nothing to be afraid of. It happens only to mean that you are about to learn something from it. And it'll mean a lot to you by the end. Just don't give up, as giving up shouldn't even be on your mind. If you had to give up on something, it's got to be on those people who you're trying to advice about certain things in life. Never on yourself. GOOD LUCK! ;)

To you, who is out there fighting, quietly.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

*salute Linpossible

Trending is a trend now. Many people talk this way now. Exam is nearby. Projects are needed by the end of the week. Take it easy. Let it come, man!

*I won't give up*


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thousand years

Boyeah! School starts in a few hours time. Can't wait to see all the humans tomorrow! Best.

New year got new resolutions, but for every year, the first resolution shall always be to make a resolution. And as the tradition goes, resolutions are never meant to be accomplished. And so, first resolution, FAILED...

Anyway, imma enjoy my last year in S9 along with the rest of the the people in the form no matter what. Hope everyone will be ready to buck each other up. As i can taste the sweetness after the bitterness... Yes 0.0

Cheers people!


Monday, January 2, 2012


I am never to be seen in KTM again. NEVER!
Those foul smell and lack of oxygen is never to be experienced again by any earthlings of this century. Serdang is never to be entered again. Serdang friends, I thank you very much for the hospitality, but I'm really sorry, ngai jin he beh tahan liao.

Turn to the left, I see a father having a hard time to calm his child down from the constant pushing and tugging coming from the other passengers that just bulls in the train whenever it stops. He sure looks like one who takes no for vulgar words when he's with his kid. So, you can imagine him lifting his kid up to sit him on a higher area, then turns around to find anyone looking at him, so that he could lip him the F word.

As the train continued trotting along, a foreigner standing in front of us starts to slip his hand into his pocket. That's when I start to move backwards. Oh come on, it's okay to be paranoid at times... After all, it's my first time taking the KTM. And it shall be my last. Anyway, so yeah, he dug out his handkerchief instead and wiped the sweat of his face. And that's when I realize I'm also dripping from everywhere even from the under. Man... I swear that it was at least 30 degrees in there. I tried to face up and breathe in more air, but it seemed like it feels just the same as looking straight. Damn am I short. Gah... 

Anyway, well, I left Loo Loo's place at 1pm. I had to go to Subang Parade. So, the plan was to take KTM straight to that place. But instead, I stopped at Mid Valley's station, along with Yi Zen, Ming Yong, Tat Ho, Phang Hoong and one more of their friend. Took a bus to Subang Parade instead. Oh, and the story always goes that, in public transports, there will always be foul odors coming out from those pits... I thought I was lucky enough to not have come experienced in on the train. BUT!After half an hour of waiting at the bus stop for either 67 or a 13. Finally, a 13 came and I was relieved. Went up there and stood right behind this black dude with his left arm up on the bar above. Gosh, so that's what they meant. =.=